Localization Issue in RazorPages

Localization Issue in RazorPages

Sep 11, 2017 0 Comments Posted in #Localization  #RazorPages 

Yesterday when I started to test my JsonRequestCultureProvider that I made to solve an issue in Localization repository, I surprisingly shocked!! when the localization doesn't work as expected in the RazorPages, I spent hours and hours digging around with no luck :( after awhile I tried to use IViewLocalizer instead of IStringLocalizer, the progress improved little bit but again I got an IndexOutOfRangeException which made me crazy :) I checked my code, everything seems as expected, but the localization doesn't work!!

Later on today I was searching in the GitHub I realized that bug is already known, especially after the RazorPages was introduced in ASP.NET Core 2.0, the main reason for that is the property ViewContext.ExecutingFilePath is not set at all in original source code.

In this very short post I would like to share the workaround by Pranav K to fix that annoying bug. Basically the idea is to replace theĀ DefaultPageFactoryProvider with a newly one after setting theĀ  ViewContext.ExecutingFilePath property.

public class LocalizationFixPageFactoryProvider : DefaultPageFactoryProvider
    public LocalizationPageFactoryProvider(
        IPageActivatorProvider pageActivator,
        IModelMetadataProvider metadataProvider,
        IUrlHelperFactory urlHelperFactory,
        IJsonHelper jsonHelper,
        DiagnosticSource diagnosticSource,
        HtmlEncoder htmlEncoder,
        IModelExpressionProvider modelExpressionProvider)
        : base(pageActivator, metadataProvider, urlHelperFactory, jsonHelper, diagnosticSource, htmlEncoder, modelExpressionProvider)

    public override Func<PageContext, ViewContext, object> CreatePageFactory(CompiledPageActionDescriptor actionDescriptor)
        var result = base.CreatePageFactory(actionDescriptor);
        return (pageContext, viewContext) =>
            viewContext.ExecutingFilePath = actionDescriptor.RelativePath;
            return result(pageContext, viewContext);

and inject the LocalizationFixPageFactoryProvider in the ConfigureServices() method as the following:

services.AddSingleton<IPageFactoryProvider, LocalizationFixPageFactoryProvider>();

Finally the localization works like a charm!! hope we can a permanent fix in the near future in the ASP.NET Core 2.1.0 release.

Happy Coding!!


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