My Journey with Orchard Core

My Journey with Orchard Core

Sep 24, 2019 0 Comments Posted in #OrchardCore 

It has been a while since I wrote my latest blog post, because my left ankle was broken and did a surgey since then, the thing that let me stay on the bed for around half a year.

Afterward I did some contribution in OSS inluding Orchard Core which I spent a lot of time on it with the community.

Orchard Core RC Release

At the beginning of this blog post I'm glad to announce that the Orchard Core team will ship the RC release today - align with shipping .NET Core 3.0 release - after three beta releases.

The current release includes many features such as:

  • Content Localization
  • RTL admin theme
  • Resources CDN
  • Media CDN support
  • GitHub authentication
  • Facebook applications
  • .NET Core 3.0
  • Localization NuGet packages
  • Azure Media resizing
  • SQL fields indexing
  • Full Text aspect

Orchard Core & .NET Core 3.0

The BIG thing in this release that Orchard Core is now targeting netcoreapp3.0 after shipping .NET Core 3.0 today at .NET Conf 2019.

What that mean? This mean a lot in terms of performance improvement, feature wise such as new routing API and JSON APIs and much more ..

For more detailed information you can read the Announcing .NET Core 3.0.

Me & Localization ❤️ Orchard Core RC

I like working in localization since the DNX days where Microsoft.Extensions.Localization was introduced at the time, and I continue to do localization stuff with many open source projects, so what's new in localization with Orchard Core RC?

1- Content Localization

This release introducing a new OrchardCore.Modules.ContentLocalization module which allow the content author to create multi-lingual content items after enabling the module by the site admin.

This is simply happen by adding a LocalizationPart to any content item in which we need to support localization for that.

Just a little tip, don't be confuse with OrchardCore.Modules.Localization which allow the site to enable the localization feature but not localize the content.

2- RTL admin theme

Finally in this relase the admin site fully support RTL for those language whose language direction is right to left such as Arabic - which is mother language -, Persian and Hebrew.

To support the RTL in the admin theme, you just simply need to enable OrchardCore.Modules.Localization which I mentioned earlier.

3- Localization NuGet packages

Orchard Core translations are using Crowdin quite often for translating the content for the supported cultures. Last few weeks the Orchard Core team introduced a new set of translations NuGet packages in the Orchard Translations repository to allow the developers localize thier sites simply by adding NuGet package.

Working Experience with Orchard Core Community

Orchard Core community is fablous!! I never ever work with such community in open source project before.

Orchard Core is a huge project - and I'm not aware about the entire project and every module - but the community folks are very active in the Orchard Core repository as well as in gitter, so whenever I have an a question I can file an issue or write it in gitter and I got the answer very quickly.

I'd like to say that I'm glad to work with such teacm & community before and after I join the Orchard Core dev team. There 're many cool guys in the team that I like to thank them for their assistant such as: Sébastien Ros, Jean-Thierry Kéchichian, Jasmin Savard, Jean-Philippe Tissot, Dean Marcussen .. etc.

Also there 're many good friends from the community the made me busy with RTL issues :)

My Contributions

I was one of the old follower for OrchardCore project since it named Brochard, I'm not sure if I made a PR at that time, but after awhile, why I contribute on YesSQL & Fluid projects I saw some activity going on Orchard project at the time I decided to do some contribution.

If I recall almost my contribution are:

  • Localization
  • Support RTL Admin Theme
  • Translations Packages
  • Prettify the Admin User Interface

Lessons to be learned

  • Priority .. priority .. priority as Seb always said :) , focusing on the issues within milestones that planned by the PM is very important in any OSS instead of picking random once to fix
  • it's not a matter of writing a fix .. it's a matter of how you write it
  • Suggest .. share ideas with the team instead of doing it lonely, because we working on open
  • Write a unit tests whenever it's possible

Finally I enchourge everyone who didn't heard or work with Orchard Core to have a try.

Happy Coding !!


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