Unexpected Behavior in LanguageViewLocationExpander

Unexpected Behavior in LanguageViewLocationExpander

Nov 18, 2016 0 Comments Posted in #Localization 

In the last blog post I talked about NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute Doesn't Respect Localization in ASP.NET Core which is a strange issue that the developers may not expect while the localizing their web applications. Today I will point into another unexpected issue may you not think about too :) .

Personally I faced this issue while I'm working on this pull request, the issue occurs when you are using LanguageViewLocaltionExpander to provide a view location.

Assume the view have fr-FR locale (_Layout.fr-FR.cshtml), and injected IViewLocalizer into the view. If the current culture is new CultureInfo("fr-FR") you will be 100% sure that the resource search look for _Layout.fr-FR.resx even I :) but let me tell you that you and I are wrong!! beucase the resource search look for _Layout.fr.fr-FR.resx?!! which is something unbelievable.

The unxpected behavior in LanguageViewLocaltionExpander is the resource names that the resource search looking for in _Layout.{parent culture}.{culture}.resx format, while all of us expecting _Layout.{culture}.resx format which is the right choice IMHO.

That is it!! I know this blog post is very very short, but hope it gives you a knowledge that let you carefully name the resource file names when you are using LanguageViewLocaltionExpander along side with IViewLocalizer.

Finally there is a detailed explaination about this issue in this link., hopefully we will get a fix for it in the upcoming release of the ASP.NET Core.

Happy Coding !!


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